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my collection

1984 SE Quadangle

1984 SE Quadangle with non stamped Landing Gear fork. Araya 7X rims with high flangle suzue hubs, Comp III tyres, chrome chain, Shimano freewheel, SR chainwheel, copy Pro Neck stem, DC MX 900 brake caliper with tech 3 lever, DC seatpost clamp, elina lightening bolt seat, unklnow handlebar, oakley B-2 grips, exposure seatpost, shimano DX pedals, Redline crank, disc, Tange headset, SE pad set, Haro Tech plate.

1979 Team JAG

1979 Team Jag frame (full cromoly) and fork (orginally gold but removed the gold and there was a nice chrome or nickel under). Part list: Araya 7C wheels, THR big knobby tires, Mongoose headset, Nitto style stem (with a big E in the top part), fluted alloy handlebar, Kobe grips, Shimano DX lever, Shimano Tourney brake, Campagnolo Strade 175 crank, SR spindle and BB, Sugino chainwheel, cheap chain, MC rad traps, Ariake Jaguar seat, fluted seatpost.

1979 Webco Expert

Webco Expert frame with Webco fork. Part list: Araya 7C rims with SR hubs and THR  tyres, Campagnolo Strada 175 crank with Campagnolo 44T chainwheel, MC Rat Trap pedals, 16T Shimano freewheel, IH headset, Nitto stem, fluted  handlebar, KOBE grips, Shimano DX brakelever, Shimano Tourney brake caliper, cycle pro seatpost clamp, fluted seatpost, Ariake Jaguar seat.

1983 GT Standard (Expert)

GT Standard frame (Nora Cup) with GT fork. Part list: Araya 20 x 1 3/8 rims, Suzue sealed hubs, Tioga Comp III tires, KMC chain, Shimano freewheel, SR Cromo Tubular 1pc crank, Tioga sealed bottom bracket,Tuf Neck disc, Sugino chainwheel, KKT lightning pedals, Tange headset, Tuf Neck stem, GT Standard handlebar, Oakley B-1B grips, Tange seatpost clamp, MX seat, Dia Compe MX-900 brake, Dia Compe Tech 3 lever, GT pad set.

1986 Hutch Pro Racer

Another Hutch. This frame seems to be made in Taiwan, but it is very interesting because it look like a USA made frame set. Serial with 123., drilled vent holes, nice engraved brake bridge. Parts list: Powdered Satin black wheels, NOS Comp III tires, NOS MX 900 brake, NOS a'me tri grips, NOS Izumi chain, Hutch Pro pedals, Boss crank with Tuff Neck chainwheel, Hutch seatpost camp, Hutch deep H stem, Tange headset, NOS kashimax aero seat, free agent handlebar, orginal Hutch pad set, Zeronine plate with Belgian map background sticker (seldmade).

1985 GT XL

GT XL frame with GT fork. Part list: Araya Aero rims, Suzue hubs, Tioga Comp III tires, KMC chain, Boss 3pc crank, Sugino chainwheel, Tioga sealed bottom bracket,Tuf Neck disc, Sugino chainwheel, Suntour pedals, GT Epoch headset, DK XL stem, GT handlebar, A'me grips, donut seatpost clamp, Kashimax Aero seat, Dia Compe MX-1000 brake, Dia Compe Tech 4 lever, GT pad set.

1984 Hutch Pro Star

Hutch Pro Star replica with almost all the Hutch goodies.
I like more custom build bikes then stock bikes so took it apart.


BMX PLUS! Februari 1992. In short, it's all about a BMX frame without a seattube. Like you know, it isn't necessary to have a seat on a BMX race bike. Without a seat you save weight and that's possitive ofcource. With this project in mind, someone in Czech Republic made a copy of that frame. But it wasn't allowed by the Czech BMX federation to ride the bike at competitions! So,after some exchanging the frame ended up in my hands. I've raced only one competition on this bike to try it out. It was fun to do it but there were some small problems during the race. First of all, I couldn't sit down when I was balancing on the gate! Second, it felt weird in the turns. Normaly, you can feel your seat against your leg and with this bike not. But for the rest it was a pleasant bike to race on.