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my collection

1982-83 Raleigh Burner

This was a gold with black Raleigh Super Tuff Burner. I stripped the paint and after some elbow grease I had this chrome Burner left.
Part list: Araya 7C rims with suzue hubs (also build with alloy Motomag wheels before), Chen Ching tyres, SR 1pc crank, sugino spider, SR chainwheel, cheap chain with cover, SR pedals, SR stem, Kashimax MX seat, Burner seatpost, burner seatpost clamp, alloy V-bar, copy grips, some red brakes.

1983 ASCO Pro Turbo

Asco Pro Turbo frame with Tange TX 500 fork. Part list: Araya rims, Suzue hubs, Kenda V tyres, Takagi crank, MKS pedals, Tioga disc, Shimano chainwheel, KMC chain, Dia Compe MX 1000, Shimano DX lever, SR stem, alloy bar, DC double bolt seatpost clamp, Elina lightening bolts seat.

1984 ASCO Pro Turbo (twin top tube)

NOS ASCO twin top tube frame with tange TX 500 fork. Part list: Araya rims, suzue hubs, Tioga Comp III tyres, SR 1pc crank, Takagi spider, Shimano chainwheel, D.I.D. red chain, Shimano SX pedals, SR seatpost clamp, Tange fluted seatpost, Kashimax aero seat, SR stem, YST headset with Tioga lock, unbranded handlebar, ockley grips, Dia Compe MX 1000, tech 3 lever.

1991 Brackens

I was a Brackens Suppport Rider for 2 years (1991-92). Got the deal from Tommy himself! Brackens frame with Answer suspension Pro Forx. Part list: Alex rims, Formula hubs, Tioga Comp III tyres, Odyssey headset, DK stem, Dyno bar, Odyssey grips, Odyssey Pitbull brake, Odyssey seat, Boss 185mm cranks, Mongoose chainwheel, Mongoose platform pedals, Sedis chain, Shimano chainwheel, Brackens pad set, World Championships 1993 plate.

1981 Giant

Giant frame with tange fork. Part list: Aray rims, suzue hubs, Kenda tyres, SR crank, SR pedals, Sugino chainwheel, KMC chain, SR stem, allow bar, Dia Compe brake, Shimano lever, Kashimax MX seat, fluted seatpost.

1984 March Racing (MRD)

NOS March Racing frame and fork (made in U.K.) Part list: Araya rims, suzue hubs, copy comp III, RS stem, YST headset, unknown bar, a'me tri grips, Dia Comp MX1000 brake, tech 3 lever, DC seatpost clamp, kashimax aero seat, Redline 401 flight crank, Redline chainwheel, Shimano DX pedals, KMC chain.

1984 Robinson

Robinson frame and fork. Part list: Araya wheels, suzue hubs, copy comp III, Tange headset, GT bar, Oackley grips, Dia Comp MX 1000 brake, tech 3 lever, Redline 401 flight crank, Shimano DX pedals, KMC chain, Redline chainwheel, Kashimax Aero seat, Pro Neck stem.

1984-85 Birmingham Wheels
Birmingham Wheels frame with Tanke ARX fork. Part list: Araya aero rims, shimano hubs, copy comp III tyres, Takagi crank, Takagi spider, Shimano chainwheel, KMC chain, SR pedals, Dia Comp MX 1000 brake, SR stem, some handlebars, Sharp grips, DC seatpost clamp, Kashimax MX seat, Wheels pad set.