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1982 Raleigh Burner

1983 ASCO Pro Turbo

1980 Thruster

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1982 PK Ripper

79 Motomag Mongoose

1991 Brackens

1984 Skyway

1981 Giant

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84 Birmingham Wheels

1980 Torker

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1992 CZ Drag Racer

1982 Hutch Expert

1984-85 Vector

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1983 Diamond Back

1983 CW ZX Pro

1979 JAG

82 Hutch Lil Holeshot

1984 GHP

1984 Kuwahara

1983 Skyway

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1983 Patterson

1983 Vector

1983 Hutch Cruiser

1983 GT Pro

1983 Hutch Junior

1979 Webco

1982 Redline Proline

1985 Pro Winner

1983 GT Standard

1989 Kastan Cruiser

1986 Hutch Hollywood

1986 Pro Winner Proto

1985 GT Pro XL

1985 Vector Mark I


BMX PLUS! Februari 1992. In short, it's all about a BMX frame without a seattube. Like you know, it isn't necessary to have a seat on a BMX race bike. Without a seat you save weight and that's possitive ofcource. With this project in mind, someone in Czech Republic made a copy of that frame. But it wasn't allowed by the Czech BMX federation to ride the bike at competitions! So,after some exchanging the frame ended up in my hands. I've raced only one competition on this bike to try it out. It was fun to do it but there were some small problems during the race. First of all, I couldn't sit down when I was balancing on the gate! Second, it felt weird in the turns. Normaly, you can feel your seat against your leg and with this bike not. But for the rest it was a pleasant bike to race on.

Czech made Drag Racer

the orginal US Drag Racer