A Super BMX Pictorial / September 1982

Toby Henderson is the only pro rider on the Hutch team and hopes to be among the top five highest paid pros this year.

Tim Judge after a long,hot day of jumping. His two favorite things to do is jumping his Hutch BMX bike and racing his VW Bug.

Charlie Williams is the newest member of the Hutch team,but he is no stranger to winning. Charlie has been the hottest thing in the 16 expert class of late.

There's a factory located in a town called Pasadena,Maryland,that has been doing some pretty heavy-duty racing over the last couple of years. They call themselves  Hutch  mainly because the owner of the factory is named Hutch.
During these last two years,the name Hutch has been synonymous with winning around the BMX circuit. This is true

for two basic reasons: Quality product and top name competitors. Here we present three members of the team: Toby Henderson,Tim Judge and Charlie Williams.
Toby Henderson is a pro rider from Cerritos,California. At twenty Toby has been racing on and off for nearly ten years now and has been on the Hutch team for about a year and a half. Henderson has been a pro rider for the last four years.
Toby recently won the pro class both days at an NBL Wae of the Stars doubleheader,and is the first pro rider to do that.

What style! Henderson airborn with a one-hander and one-footer.

Toby trying has hand at a berm-shot.

Among his most impressive wins is the Knott's Berry Farm International Grand Championship race last Novenmer,where  Henderson took a second in the pro trophy event.
As this is writing,Toby is currently in number one position in the pro class and the pro cruiser class with the NBL.

Tim became the World Champion in 1980 by winning the trophy dash at the World Championships.

Tim Judge showing his style by doing a one-legger at the Downs Track in Southern California.

Tim Judge probably the best jumper on the Hutch Team,and one of the best throughout the country.

According to his sponsor,Rich Hutch,Henderson will end 1982 as one of the top five highest paid BMX professional racers.
Tim Judge,the 1980 World Champion,hails from St. Louis,Missouri. Judge is eighteen years old and has been racing for about seven years now. He has been wearing the Hutch uniform for a year and a half. Tim has won the 16 and

over cruiser class at the last three ABA national events and is holding down the number two cruiser plate with the ABA at this time. With the NBL,Judge is in first place in the 16 and over cruiser class.
Besides BMX,Tim enjiys cars and is pretty proud of his Volkswagen Bug.
Charlie Williams is one of the newest members of the Hutch team,and has been doing some pretty consistent winning over the last few months. Williams comes from North Hollywood,California,and is sixteen years old.
A couple of Charlie's most important races was the Knott's race,which he won,and the 1982 Chandler Winter National which he won. Very recently Williams took sixteen first places for

Tim kicking a little dust.

the weekend at the St. Louis War of the Stars event-- that's a whole lot of winning!
Charlie is also a good cruiser rider,he is currently number one for the 14-15 cruiser class with the NBL.
All three of these Hutch sponsored racers use the Hutch Pro racer frame in competition.
But these are not the only team members. Other riders in this very impressive line-up are:

Steve Veltman,12,from Houston,Texas; Jason Griggs,12,from Columbia,Maryland; Monte Gray,11,from Beaumont,Texas; John McNeil,10,from Richmond,Virginia; Missey Fred,Jr. Powder Puff,from Bourbonnias,Illinois; Lori Weakley,Intermediate Powder Puff,from Owensboro,Kentucky; and Heidi Mirisola,Senior Powder Puff,from West Palm Beach,Florida.
And there you have it,one of the winnigest teams in the Nation; Team Hutch!!

A mean looking Charlie Williams tries  his hand at getting rad!

Charlie shows his slyle on his new Hutch bike.